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School is where we first begin to mold ourselves into adults. Kindergarten through 12th grade is the most impactful thirteen years of a person's life. In public schools, they ask you to hang their families' values up at the door with their coats. At Community Christian Academy, we do not think that is good enough. A Christian school reinforces the beliefs we should all be practicing at school, at work, and at home.


Everyone employed here has dedicated themselves to living for Christ and to spreading his word. Whether at school or at the dinner table, we ensure that you and your child's teacher are in this together. An education at Community Christian Academy is an education in a positive environment with loving, positive role models. We founded this school with no other aim than to give the very best Christ-centered education to the citizens of Gaston County and beyond.


Why should you send your child to a Christian school? The question should be , "Why would you settle for anything less?" The Bible is the Word, and we need the Bible to become the human beings He means for us to be. We want to provide Gaston County, NC area with the high-quality Christian school it needs. At Community Christian Academy, your child will learn to excel at academics, and they will never forget that God is a part of everything they do in this world. Our balance of academics, athletics, and moral guidance makes us a stand out choice.


Where We Are

Our school is conveniently
located approximately
1.5 miles off I-85,
take Edgewood Rd.,
exit 13 toward
Bessemer City
to 616 Athenia Place.
click here for map

704 - 629 - 2391


David Ross



Terri Kelly

Assistant Principal


 Stefanie Ross



David Ross

Director of Athletics